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March 11, 2017

March 2, 2017

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February 26, 2017

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June 4, 2017

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Duck Confit Burger

March 11, 2017

Another we have had at food festivals the duck confit burger, always very popular, pure indulgence.




  • 2 Gressingham duck legs

  • 1kg of duck fat or half duck fat half olive oil

  • 6 Table spoons of rock salt

  • Few sprigs of rosemary and thyme

  • 4 garlic cloves crushed and peeled

  • 1 tablespoon of black pepper corns

  • Zest of a orange

  • 2 bay leaves


  • Caramelized onions

  • Rocket

  • Blue cheese slices

  • Brioche bun

  • White truffle honey oil (optional)

  • Dijon mustard



  1. First mix all the ingredients together except the duck fat, rub into the duck legs well.

  2. Put into a zip lock bag and refrigerate over night

  3. Next day wipe of all the ingredients and rinse the duck legs under cold water, pat until dry.

  4. Put the legs into a a deep oven tin, then cover with the with duck fat, cover the tin with foil.

  5.  Pre heat the oven to 125C, 105C Fan

  6. Cook for 2½ to 3 hours until tender. Test if the meat is ready by piercing with a skewer, it should go through the meat easily - if not return to the oven for another 15 mins and try again.

  7. When they are ready, take out of the oven and allow to cool, take the legs out of the fat while still a little warm.

  8. When cool shred the legs, keep the skin separate

  9. Fry the duck skin in a wok with hot oil.

  10. To make your burger, place a portion of the meat into a hot frying pan, put on the slices of blue cheese.

  11. Fry until the meat is heated through and the cheese has started to melt.

  12. Toast both sides of the brioche buns, on the bottom half spread a spoonful of Dijon mustard. Put on the rocket leaves, and the caramelized onions

  13. Then put on the warmed shredded duck and melted cheese.

  14. Add a drizzle of the honey truffle oil

  15. Top off the the crispy duck skin, add the top half of the brioche bun

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